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Website finds a way

15/06/2013 12:00

“Being independent and having access to hundreds of transport operators on the findatruckload website meant we could create a solution to help move 100 containers of hay from Ashburton to the Waikato for one customer even though roading was at capacity,” Findatruckload director Andrew Bishop said.
Findatruckload’s farmgate-to-farmgate solution uses a combination of road, coastal shipping and rail to deliver weekly loads of feed to Waikato farmers which is set to continue right through winter.
"We have taken the hassle away by offering a door-to-door to solution, meaning our clients can focus on sourcing supply and selling hay, rather than worrying about logistics," business development manager Kent Hancock said.
“Roading is still the preferred method as it reduces handling, however farmers were just not getting supplied, so we had to investigate alternative options such as shipping and rail, otherwise farmers would be forced to offload stock or dry off cows earlier than usual which affects their bottom lines and has flow-on effects to the economy.
“Farmers may be unaware how or where the feed has actually travelled from but I like to think we have played a significant role in helping some farmers in these tough times.”
Findatruckload was established in 2009 to offer a web-based solution to help eliminate empty running costs common in the transport industry.
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