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Abodo Case Study

15/11/2019 00:00

Abodo Case Study

Abodo is a New Zealand-owned, family business based in Auckland that crafts timbers harvested from New Zealand FSC certified rapidly renewable plantation forests to create durable exterior timbers that are safe for people and kind on the environment.

The problem

With multiple source, manufacturing and shipping locations around New Zealand’s North Island Abodo needs truck and trailers of various sizes, at a variety of times, to move timber between sites and to market. Couple that with the strict timeframes shipping lines and ports dictate and you have complex freight logistics that need a simple, unified solution.

“A missed sailing is not just a delayed sale - it is a lost sale,” adds Abodo Commercial Manager Wendy Mears.

The solution

FTL addressed two issues to streamline logistics for Abodo.

Firstly, using Findatruckload’s online interface, Abodo’s logistics team is able to access more than 1800 freight providers throughout New Zealand at the click of a mouse which means flexibility and choice at their fingertips to meet time sensitive production and shipping deadlines.

“It is not uncommon to move 20 full truckloads over a two-day period for Adobo,” says FTL Director Walter Ormsby.

The second part of the FTL solution for Abodo is a simple data transfer. FTL set up an edi (electronic data interchange) link from Abodo’s Timbersmart system to FTL’s freight solution system to reduce the amount of manual data entry required from their team saving time, hassle and ultimately money.

“Being customer focused and nimble we’re able to respond to customer needs and create bespoke transport solutions when required. In this case we turned Abodo’s ‘timber talk’ into mutually beneficial ‘transport talk’,” says FTL Director Andrew Bishop.

Findatruckoad moved their first Abodo load from Ohinewai to Mount Maunganui in September 2012 to meet an export shipment and since then have moved 1000s of loads from Abodo sites all over New Zealand to help ensure efficient, timely movement of freight.

The icing on the cake

Working with an organisation that shares values of family, sustainability and loyalty is the icing on the cake for the Abodo-Findatruckload partnership.

“Sustainability is at the heart of both businesses. Abodo really walk the environmental talk in all aspects of their business from their products through to how they do business. They even have solar panels and worm farms at their head office,” says Bishop.

Findatruckload was established on the idea of reducing carbon emissions through eliminating trucks running empty.

“You’ve got to balance business with values, but if you can partner with an organisation that shares your values I believe you are more likely to continue successfully working together,” says Abodo Commercial Manager Wendy Mears.

“We do different things in different industries but we share parallels with how we operate and what we strive to achieve,” she adds.

Loyalty is also an important shared value.

“We find loyalty comes back in ways that adds a lot of value to our business. I know I can pick up the phone and Findatruckload goes the extra mile for us,” says Mears.

Abodo Case Study

15/11/2019 00:00

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