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Drives Into Market

18/09/2009 12:00

In these days when more and more of our day to day business is done on-line, maybe there is some room in the market for freight moving via the web.In truns out there is.Findatruckload ( is a new web-based company that brings together road transport companies and freight providers online to eliminate empty truck running, improve freight efficiency and reduce unnecessary vehicle emissions.

If you think of Findatruckload as on on line TradeMe type operation, it makes it a little simpler to understand.If you think of Findatruckload as an online dating agency combined with TradeMe, well, it may sound a little odd, but it paints an even clearer picture.“The launch of Findatruckload has been well timed as businesses are focused more than ever on cost saving,” says director Andrew Bishop. Here's how it works: you are either a freight hauler or you have freight needing to be hauled.You register for free on the Findatruckload website and post details of what you can move or what you need moved. "I would describe Findatruckload essentially as an online tender allowing users to negotiate the price for cartage,” says Andrew.

It’s free to post loads and empty trucks. An acceptance fee is only charged at the point of transaction.

“We’ve kept the site easy to use and transparent. It is time the transport industry embraced the web as more and more business is done online,” says Andrew

Findatruckload is a New Zealand owned and operated company.This article was reproduced with the approval of Cargo Magazine.

Abodo Case Study

15/11/2019 00:00

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