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High Growth Exit for SODA

12/01/2014 13:00

With more than 800 transport operators and 680 clients using its website, FindaTruckLoad is now New Zealand’s largest truck transportation marketplace.
FindaTruckLoad has grown its team from two to five full-time plus another two part-time employees, tripled their revenue to just under $3M and grew 220% during their incubation with SODA.
FindaTruckLoad introduces massive efficiencies into the traditional transport marketplace. By using their online services both customers and transport companies save time and the cost of connecting and agreeing on a price.Having proven its model in the New Zealand market, FindaTruckLoad plans further expansion and growth into global markets.Co-founder Andrew Bishop says they’re catching their breath with the success of it all but have plans to continue to grow further. “I am aware we’re still scratching the surface in New Zealand.”
FindaTruckLoad has a vision to modernise the transportation industry by leveraging Platform as a Service (PaaS) technology and supporting transport operators to become digitally savvy and comfortable using online services.
According to SODA's Business Growth Manager, Petr Adamek, FindaTruckLoad is a model example of a company that took full advantage of the SODA’s business growth programmes.
"They have demonstrated all the traits we are looking for in an assisted company. Their solution is high-value added, scalable, has export potential, adds to the competitiveness of New Zealand’s economy and their team was coachable and open to experimenting with different ways of doing things”, says Petr Adamek.
FindaTruckLoad have been exposed to a range of advisory services offered at a subsidised cost thanks to the public/private partnership support from SODA and its partners. The support offered by SODA included design thinking - to improve user experience, marketing and sales, financial, legal, recruitment and technology-related mentoring.
"The support from the team at SODA has been great. They have introduced us to tools we have found essential for the growth of our business”, says Findatruckload’s Andrew Bishop.
SODA is Waikato’s home for entrepreneurs and New Zealand’s newest business incubator. Each year SODA receives more than 100 enquiries from startups, and ultimately supports 60 of these. From those 100 enquiries, up to 10 ambitious high-growth venture are accepted into SODA’s rigorous incubation programme.

Reduce running empty

16/12/2013 13:00

Are you a transport company or freight owner? Here are some options on how we can help your business.