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Brent Batters Appointed Transport Development Manager

07/11/2013 13:00

“Due to our continued growth we have created a new position responsible for building our relationships with transport operators,’ says Findatruckload Director Walter Ormsby.
Brent has a background in the transport industry having worked in sales positions for TransOtway Refrigerated Freight and Owens Transport Ltd. Most recently he has owned and run his own sales and distribution business in Tauranga.
“I am excited about getting out and dealing with transport operators on a daily basis and utilising the tools we have on hand at Findatruckload to help improve the bottom-line results of our transport operators,’ says Batters.
Findatruckload (FTL) is web-based company that creates an online market place connecting buyers and sellers to arrange transport. Transport users post their jobs on and the job is then anonymously tendered across the transport operators registered on the site.

A key part of Brent’s role is to make sure transport operators are getting the most they can out of the Findatruckload website.
“We have loads being posted on our website regularly and we are continually improving the functionality and offerings on our website so it is great to have Brent on the ground keeping our transport operators up-to-date,” says Director Andrew Bishop.
Walter Ormsby and Andrew Bishop set up FTL in 2009 to make use of trucks running empty as they returned from or went to jobs.

“Today we help move machinery, freight, bulk, containers, vehicles and livestock anywhere in New Zealand using road, rail and coastal shipping solutions. At last count 800 people from transport companies, which represent well in excess of 200 individual companies, are registered on the site,” says Bishop.

Reduce running empty

16/12/2013 13:00

Are you a transport company or freight owner? Here are some options on how we can help your business.