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Find a truck

10/08/2009 12:00

The downturn has lead to a new web-based freight service, Findatruckload, setting up to link empty trucks with businesses wanting competitive quotes to move their goods. When the exporter or transporter agrees on a price, a success fee of 6% is pad by the seller, the person offering a service/ item or sale as on TradeMe. The person advertising to ask for help(in this case to provide their empty truck to move goods), pays the fee.Managing director Andrew Bishop, who has a transport background but does not own any trucks, says the idea works overseas and aims to eliminate empty truck running therefore reduce costs and vehicle emmisions. This article was reproduced with the approval of "The Exporter Magazine." 

Abodo Case Study

15/11/2019 00:00

Are you a transport company or freight owner? Here are some options on how we can help your business.