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The Small Business Sector Report 2014

14/07/2014 12:00

Andrew Bishop and Walter Ormsby created a new venture after they saw a gap in the market while working for Mainfreight. The former employees of the large global supply chain company set up Findatruckload in 2009. Their company uses the internet to match businesses with product to move, with carriers who can take on the freight at short notice. Findatruckload now employees six full-time staff and has sales revenue of $3 million. It connects over 200 freight trades a month. “There were trucks making empty runs, but we were working for a large company and weren’t allowed to use them if they weren’t Mainfrieght’s,” said Andrew. “ Freight companies were losing revenue and it didn’t make sense. Now businesses can ride the spot market, utilising extra capacity at a discounted rate. It’s much more efficient.

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