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14/08/2009 12:00

Findatruckload is a web-based company that brings together road transport companies and freight providers online, matching existing empty truck capacity throughout New Zealand with half, full or multiple truckloads. 


Customers register on the site for free and post their empty trucks and freight loads to be line hauled across New Zealand.


The road transport industry spends millions of dollars every year running empty trucks across New Zealand; emitting unnecessary carbon emissions, resulting in higher prices for cartage and therefore higher prices for everyday commodities!


The road transport industry obviously stands to benefit from this tool, but so does the rest of New Zealand. With over 80% of all freight in New Zealand carted by road, reducing transportation costs will have a flow on effect to the cost of goods.


Depending on how carbon trading is implemented in New Zealand, Findatruckload can contribute through the reduction of emissions as well as exchanging or selling of credits.


 Visit to find out more.


This article was reproduced with the approval of Environment Waikato.

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15/11/2019 00:00

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